With the number of builds going out on a regular basis, there are a lot of moving pieces aside from the kits themselves. Searching for and purchasing new kits is a constant project for me. On top of that, I also try to keep a running inventory of my supplies. As you saw with the F-4 build, I made the slight oversight and it set me back a few days. One paint color missing and the build comes to a halt. 

When it comes to buying new kits, there are a few routes that I normally take. With the hobby shop days over, the Internet is my number one source for all my new kits. That’s not to say that I never physically purchase any kits. Whenever I see the rare hobby shop while I am on vacation or passing through different towns, I’ll stop in and see what they have. Usually I can find something worthwhile, at a decent price, to add to my inventory. That doesn’t happen too often so it’s mostly online searches for my kits. 

There are quite a few online hobby sites that I frequent if I am looking for something specific. I normally won’t place an order until I have a good size cart to offset the shipping costs. Sometimes I unfortunately lose a part or need the random supply that forces me to put an order through so I will add a kit or two. My most recent order from Scale Hobbyist was all paint. Thirty-two jars to replenish my stock. Without a true hobby shop nearby, I don’t have access to the foreign colors needed to complete a non-US airplane. So the bulk of this order was German and RAF colors. 

When I’m not in a specific hunt for a certain kit, I am forever on eBay. There are about thirty different saved searches that I peruse daily. For me, eBay is more miss than hit but I do find great buys that I would never be able to get elsewhere. I am also very finicky when it comes to buying from eBay. I will buy an open kit as long as the inner bags are sealed. If the parts are loose, I move on. My last few additions to the stash have been from eBay. 

With the recent “Warthog Project”, added with the two that were previously built before that, my A-10 inventory was decimated. A-10’s are always on my watch list no matter how many I have. I was lucky enough to come across a Heller and Italeri A-10 in one auction and win it. Both kits with shipping were only $20.00. Not bad at all. I am certainly building more than I am taking in these days. I still have quite the stash and I don’t plan on ever ceasing to continue to let it grow. 


14 thoughts on “Restocking 

  1. I really like your musings about the collecting and provisioning part of all this, and the (almost) disappearance of the hobby shop. And I do the same thing when I travel; my wife has a good laugh at the way I seem to be able to sniff out a hobby shop no matter where we are (Venice, Hamburg, Stockholm, Santa Barbara!). If you care to check it out, my thoughts on the matter are in these two places: and . Cheers!

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    • Thank you! I always Google “hobby shops” before I leave on vacation to make planned stops along the way.
      I enjoyed your posts. I absolutely love WWII Japanese. Not as much as German but enough to go perusing through my stash to get inspired for a future build.


    • The Internet has given the specialty stores a hard punch.
      I use enamel paints. Growing up, I used them and when I started back building again it was just familiar. I have used the Model Masters Acryl paints and I really don’t care for them. I’m not against using other acrylics but it’s just a matter of branching out. I’m a creature of habit I guess.

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      • Thank you. Certainly as I grew up enamel was the only one available but it seems that acrylics have become more common in recent years possibly because of the water base. Less odour and easier to clean, but there does still seem to be less availability here. I’ve been trying them myself and they do seem much less hard wearing. Thanks again.

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      • I’m certainly liking their range – I was brought up brush-painting Humbrol enamels and those paints are great but I never liked the tins they come in. The Model Masters paints look great and are working well with a brush, although I have heard that some people have problems masking them and that they aren’t very durable. Have you found that?

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      • I have a few Humbrol paints but I’m with you on the tins. The price isn’t too appealing either. The only problems that I come across are with the “metal” colors. I’ve had peeling a couple of times. With chrome I have learned to clean the kit well before I spray it. Other than that I haven’t had any troubles.

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