Su-27UB Flanker C

Aside from the paint peeling fiasco, this build went beautifully. Trumpeter provided a sound kit to construct a well detailed Flanker. The one thing they didn’t provide was the option of an open canopy. I quickly found this out this morning when I made it to the end of final assembly and prepared to attach the canopy. I hit the internet to research what the part would look like and started to brainstorm. 

With all the PE that I used, I never threw out the waste. It remained in the box and I never thought that it would end up being the savior of the build. I cut a “u” shaped piece and bent the two arms inward to form another “u” when laid on it’s side. Easy fix. I continued to attach the piece and when the glue dried, I painted it. When the paint was dry, I was finally able to affix the canopy and call it a day. 


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