Three to Go

The next kit to be completed will be the Su-27. The Sea Fury and F-4 sit dormant until I wrap the Flanker up and can get out to my airbrush for final paint. 

I’m happy to almost be done with the Flanker. I literally spent two hours applying the decals yesterday. They are quite impressive. Lots of little ones to apply but they add a lot to the visual aspect. 

My worst fear came to fruition when I removed the mask from the exhaust. Most of the paint came off with it yet again including little areas of the blue. I didn’t want to risk any more peeling so I hand painted it with jet exhaust along with some aluminum accents. Not the best looking fix but it’s better than starting the entire paint process all over again. I’ll try to get it weathered today and aim for final assembly on Monday. 


10 thoughts on “Three to Go

  1. I wonder if there was release agent, or some other impurity on the plastic? It’s very strange to have such paint failures otherwise.
    If I notice anything greasy on the pastiche I’ll wash it in warm, soapy water. But when I built the SM.79 last year I never noticed it. And like you I wound up have to repainted a lot!

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    • That is a very good possibility. When I use chrome or silver I always wipe the parts down with a baby wipe to remove any dust and oils. Maybe I should make that a standard after this kit. It would save lots of headaches.


  2. hello there,
    thanks for visiting every now and again.
    your blog and photos remind me of my childhood days when i did a bit of planes/tanks modelling for fun, classmates influence. an expensive hobby for me at the time , and with not much pocket money, did not do too much or pursue it in earnest. i still remember getting my fingers stuck together every new and then with glue while cementing the parts together. you really do some fine and good work with them.
    best regards, ken

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