Messerschmitt Me 262B Schwalbe

The final installment of the German trio of builds is the Me 262B. I’m always happy to build a German aircraft and this was no different. The two place variant night fighter has been on my radar for quite a while and I’m thrilled to add it to my shelf. 

The build was typical Hasegawa. Great fit and a very non labor intensive approach. I’m not to happy about the turnout of the paint job though. This was my first attempt at the “squiggle” camouflage and I feel that it could have gone better. Maybe the 1/72 scale is too small to achieve a satisfactory result. I had the air pressure turned down low and performed all the necessary techniques but still came out with a substandard product. I’ll give it a try again sometime to try to redeem myself. 


22 thoughts on “Messerschmitt Me 262B Schwalbe

  1. I think you are being very self critical. It doesn’t look much like a “a substandard product” to me. I’d be really pleased if I had produced anything like that. In the 1960s, I used to make Airfix kits with the occasional Frog or the Russian Novo. When Hasegawa arrived around 1966 I couldn’t believe how brilliant they were. Just like HD television, or a car you don’t have to start with a starting handle!

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  2. I think it looks good! But, I think I know what you mean. I read an article on another 1/72 modeller’s experiences painting the “squiggle” night fighter camo – they apparently thinned their paint until it was practically thinner (I think it was 95% thinner or something like that, but I can’t remember if it was acrylic or enamel), pumped the pressure up to 40psi, took the end cap off the brush and worked at 1-2cm from the model’s surface. I cringe to think of doing that, but the result was impressive!

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