Successful Weekend

As the title of this post suggests, this weekend will be labled a true success. The airbrush has been running full throtle making prime headway. The major progress the past few days are the Me-262, Ar-234,    Mistel 5, and Su-27 builds. All painting has been completed on all four builds. The Mistel 5 and Ar-234 are even farther with their decals getting applied this afternoon. Obviously they will be the first to get shelved. I will let the decals dry overnight and give them a coat of clear matte tomorrow to prepare for weathering. The Su-27 and Me-262 will get their decals applied tomorrow and weathered the following day. 

The F-4 is slowly moving along with the tail getting masked off today. I might try to make it back out to the airbrush today to start final paint but more than likely I am punched out for the day. I have plenty of time now that four builds are soon to be off the workbench. 

The Sea Fury just can’t seem to build any momentum. Everything is masked and ready for paint. The new problem is the nose. All the sanding has been completed and I installed it this morning with disappointing results. The fit was brutal requiring a great deal of strategic cutting. It finally looked acceptable while leaving behind a few gaps. They aren’t necessarily awful but they aren’t well received either. They will get taken care of tomorrow and hopefully get to the airbrush in the next few days. 

I’m thinking that Friday will be a good day to end the poll so if you haven’t voted, there are five days left.

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