Feeling Accomplished

My feelings of being off-track in my production are beginning to disappear with another solid day of work.  It is just the spark I need to see the rest of the builds through to the end. 

Finally feeling satisfied with my efforts, I am happy to report that today was the first day that all six builds advanced all together. The most prominent victory today was transitioning the F-4 over to paint. I figured since I was already using the metalizer paints I would continue the trend by starting with the bare metal at the tail of the airplane. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have the same peeling issues as I experienced with the Su-27. And speaking of the Su-27, I sealed the burnt iron for the second time today. I gave it a heavy coat so if that doesn’t work, I will leave it and paint it last.

The Me-262, Ar-234, and He-162 were all painted as a team getting the same color. They will all need to be masked off tomorrow for their second colors. The E-377 sat idle today. I will finish it off tomorrow with the He-162. Last but not least, the Sea Fury received the flat black to finish off the invasion stripes. I will need to do a little masking before I can advance to final paint. The engine cowl still needs to be sanded so I need to get to that first. All in all a great day. 

Time is winding down on these six and now it’s time to focus my gaze on the next set. It’s a close competition going on and I am surprised at the aircraft that are leading the poll. If you haven’t put your two cents in yet, I encourage you to pick the three you would like to see built. 


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