Weekend Success

The weekend treated me well with droves of progress. The Su-27, Me-262, and Ar-234 have pulled ahead and are prepared for paint. It’s been very humid here the past few days so I will wait until it cools down a little bit to start painting. It will give me a chance to get the Mistel 5 ready so I can cut down my time at the airbrush by combining the three German builds. Speaking of the Mistel 5, the He-162 has come far getting sanded and primed. There are a few tiny areas along the engine nacelle to fill and sand. The wings will be the next step to address. The dry fit shows a good fit so I’m encouraged by that. 

The F-4 is coming along nicely. The cockpit and nose cone have been installed along with part of the wng section. There are tiny gaps at the wing roots that need filled and just a bit of basic sanding to be taken care of. This one should be ready to paint by the end of the week.

The Sea Fury hasn’t moved since my last update. With all the activity on the other five, it became the odd man out. I will spend some time tomorrow getting the final sanding completed on the cowl. Once that is behind me, the rest of the build should go quick. I still have my research to conduct on the folded wings. There is still time to do that but I want to be prepared when the time comes. 


4 thoughts on “Weekend Success

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