Keeping the Pace

With the Me 262 and Su-27 leading the charge, I felt it feasible to take a small break on them to focus on the other four builds. These six kits have been treating me well with hardly any troubles. My first real hiccup came today with the He-162. Construction on the E-377 is finished so I began building the He-162 this afternoon. The engine nacelle has a crazy fit to it, leading to adjusting and trimming the parts to get a decent fit. I did the best I could and filled all the gaps. The rest of the airplane is going well. 

Another huge gain today was in the Ar-234. The cockpit moved forward getting attached to the rest of the fuselage. I will affix the canopy pieces tomorrow and fill any gaps as needed. The wings and horizontal stabilizers were also a point of interest today. This one should move up to paint status real soon.

The Sea Fury doesn’t look like much has been achieved but it’s the little strides that count with this kit. The gaps have mostly been taken care of. There was one remaining small spot on the nose that was filled today. The main wing section was installed and sanded today with success. I’m not out of the woods with sanding and filling yet but I feel like I’m in a good spot. 

The F-4 also experienced a good day of progress. The cockpit section was attached to the fuselage with a good fit.  I piggybacked that victory by building and installing the air intakes. Minor sanding and maybe a little filler will be needed in some minuscule areas. The cockpit itself remains uninstalled. I will start that project tomorrow along with beginning on the wings. I’m very happy with my work so far on the F-4. 

Tomorrow looks like another busy day at the workbench. I’ll continue taking my time and work one them one by one. 


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