Poll Time Again

It’s been about nine months or so since my last poll to choose my fiftieth build of 2014. This poll is basically the same principle with more kits to select from. My next set of builds will be scaled back to four with three of them to be chosen by you guys. The lone “executive” pick will be Hasegawa’s 1/72 B-24J Liberator. It’s about time I pay attention to the heavy bombers of WWII.

So the poll will go as it normally would. Choose three kits that you would like to see built and I will take the top three. There is no set time limit as of now. When I am getting close to closing out my current builds, I will close the poll and present the winners. A preemptive thank you goes out to all the voters. Happy voting!

26 thoughts on “Poll Time Again

  1. I have no clue. Oh, wait have you ever done a build of the Memphis Belle. When you said WWII bombers I thought of the movie. It was great. The only bomber to complete all of its 50 runs and make it back. I don’t know what kind of bomber she was. The only other bomber I can think of is the Enola Gay and the other lesser know bomber that bombed Japan. Don’t know what they were either. So there ya go suggestions from a non airplane person. lol

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    • I have come very close to doing some helicopters. There are quite a few in my stash. A Chinook almost made it into the current builds. It looks like I have my next theme after the poll builds. I have a Hind and a Huey that have been overlooked for too long. Any other suggestions?


      • I have on idea what 1/72nd scale helos are out there, The Russian HAVOK is pretty cool and of course the AH-64 Apache, maybe in Brit scheme? The Mi-24 Hind can be done in many different countries and is one of my favorite helos. 🙂

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      • If I’m going to do a helicopter theme then the Apache has to be in there. I’ll do it in American or IDF markings. The Hind will be in Russian markings. The rest I’ll have to dig for. For sure a Huey too.


  2. You can never go wrong with the classics from the ’50s — the U-2 and ANY Century-series fighter. The F-105 was a real brute, and the Voodoo had more power than any other Century-series fighter made.

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