My Monster Has Been Created

We are gong to travel back to Valentine’s day two years ago when my daughter gave my son an airplane model for his present. He was four then and I didn’t quite think he was ready for a full on build yet. Two years of off and on “Dad, when can we build my model?”, and here we are. No more snap-tites now. 

The kit my son will be building is Academy’s 1/72 P-40E Warhawk. He’s excited, I’m excited…game on! My goal is to really let him do EVERYTHING with this build. The only thing I will be taking executive control over is the hobby knife. Every other aspect will be available to learn hands-on. 

The P-40 was started a few days ago. I decided to skip the cockpit and start him with getting the fuselage and wing halves together. While assembling the air intake on the nose, we quickly found that the cement I bought for him comes out super fast. I use application sticks on my builds so we grabbed one and everything was under control. He was able to “paint” the cement along the seams and assemble the parts by himself. I taped the fuselage for him to keep it from sliding apart. I’m not a big fan of the cement because it takes a while to cure. I’m also not a big fan of my son super gluing his fingers together so the cement is a must have. He chose to put a bomb on the belly instead of the external fuel tank so we assembled that too. Now comes the not-so-fun part of filling and sanding. There is a good sized gap on the underside of the nose that I will have him fill. The rest of the seams just need the usual sanding. He seems excited to conquer the sanding and I hope he doesn’t lose interest. I just have to remind myself that this is his model and as long as he is happy with his work, then I am happy. 


23 thoughts on “My Monster Has Been Created

  1. Ah, fair enough. The RAAF might be more relevant to my interests then – my grandfather was based at a New Guinea airfield during the war… Might have to find his old photo album again and do some proper research on that. More plans and speculations 😛

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