One Day at a Time

Yesterday’s goal fell just a little short with a little oversight on my part. The afternoon began with the Me-262 moving along quite nicely. I feel like I am in a fantastic position now with the fuselage together. There will be a good deal of sanding and filling to do but it comes with the territory. The Sea Fury produced similar results with the fuselage getting affiixed as well as the wings and external fuel tanks. There will be some extra research needed on this build as the wings can be posed in the folded position. I don’t normally take this option due to a lack of detail but Trumpeter seems to be on point for this kit. I may need to add a few accent details but it looks promising so far. The Su-27 made a little ground with the fuselage halves getting joined together. The ordinance for this kit looks like a project in itself so that will be in the works for the weekend. 

So the F-4 remains generally untouched. There were a few parts that I missed during preliminary paint so I had to take care of that first. I also unfortunately noticed that I am missing one of the rear landing gear struts. Looking through the box proved fruitless. I will scour the workbench and perimiter but as model builders all know…it is as good as gone. There are a few more Hasegawa F-4’s in my inventory including a Blue Angels version which has already been targeted for cannibalization. I’ll build it wheels up on a stand to compensate for the robbery. 


2 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

    • I can think of a lot of things that are more fun! I’ve kind of found a groove with them. Some give me a hard time but I find that when I use a light to shine through and show the lines it makes it a ton easier.


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