Photo Etch for the Flanker

The workbench has slowed down today with all the photo etched parts for the Su-27. Detail sets have a way of dictating your pace with the multitude of tiny metal parts. That alone is why I only worked on one kit this afternoon. 

The gruntwork of pre-painting the cockpit was done a few days ago and all has been prepped to welcome the fantastic photo etch set from Dream Model. The cockpit and ejection seats were my first project. I don’t normally use PE sets but I have to say that I am impressed. The boarding ladders were next with lots of tedious minutes bending metal and carefully assembling the ladders themselves. I will begin painting them sometime this week. There is no immediate hurry as they won’t be needed anytime soon.

On the build front, the cockpit was installed as well as the exhaust cans. The fuselage halves might make it together tonight but more than likely tomorrow. As for the five other builds, preliminary painting is complete and I have done a little detail work in the cockpits. The Su-27’s details held me up today so I will focus on the rest of the builds tomorrow. 


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