Getting Right Back In

Here we are two days removed from the conclusion of the Warthog Project and it’s business as usual regarding the workbench. The parts forest is back up and ready to begin preliminary painting of cockpits, ordinance, and landing gear. I have a photo-etched cockpit set and boarding ladders for the Su-27 that will take a little while to put together so I’ll be wrapped up in detail work for the week. It’s hard to keep myself from adding anymore to the mix right now as I am finding inspiration in quite a few different kits. I’ll stick with the current six and see how they go.

The goal for the rest of the weekend is to start painting the cockpit pieces to get them ready for assembly. The ordinance and landing gear will follow suit during the marathon of paint. I do need to check my stock to be sure that I have all the colors I need for the three German kits, the Russian kit, and the British kit. 

Well I’m back at step one again and I’m excited to jump in and get started. From the looks of the kits being built, I don’t carry with me any worries of future blunders. While I do know that they are a certainty, I’m ready and willing to overcome them. 


8 thoughts on “Getting Right Back In

  1. you sure do like to keep busy. With my crocheting I have a couple different projects going, a tote bag, a baby blanket, a Santa hat that I need to make a beard for, I need to make the mate for some hand warmers, and a triangle shawl. Most of these are time intensive projects so if I get bored with one, I will work on another. If I am bored with all these I usually will whip up a quick beanie.


  2. I have been looking for a MiG-29 lately to build in the future. I finished one last year in the digital scheme ( The Fulcrum is a wonderful aircraft.
    It’s funny that you ask about an airbrush. I was just looking last night at my future one. I currently use a Badger and I like it. It’s moody at times but the key to an airbrush working properly is how well you clean it. I have heard great things about Aztek airbrushes so I was going to give that a try. Amazon has the best price by far at $124.00. Good luck!


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