The Warthog Project

As a model builder, it is fun to pick and choose your builds and watch how they develop from a box of plastic parts into a fully detailed kit. The joys of building your favorite airplane catapult that fun up a notch. The four builds were great for me but I do have to say that I am ready for some variety. It’s also been a little while since I had a German airplane adorn the workbench so I am excited for the upcoming three in the new set.

Grouping the four A-10’s together in one picture proved to be a challenge with limited space in my photo box. I tried to get the best shots that I could to show the different paint schemes. No matter what scheme the A-10 wears, it remains a striking aircraft. So the question is…which is your favorite? 


23 thoughts on “The Warthog Project

    • That seems to be the popular pick. I’m sure if we didn’t control the skies then the scheme would have at least made it to a few units but when you have air superiority, what’s the point? Regardless, it still looks great on there.


  1. The ‘Hog is one of my favourite planes of all times, and you did it justice 4x over! Fantastic builds, all, but I gotta say I love that arctic ‘Hog the most. It captures the feeling of the few photos of that bird I have in my books spot-on.

    Fantastic work as always, and yeah, you’re right; building one of your favourite planes makes this hobby even more fun! I should build a Rhino next… (The REAL Rhino, an F-4, not a SuperBug ‘pretender-to-the-Rhino-throne’ Rhino.)

    Keep on bashing out these amazing builds man; truly inspirational!

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  2. The Wart Hog is one of my favorites! Though….. its very very noisey !! 😣😦 i lived in Tacoma,Washington, across the street from the end of the runway @ McChord Airforce base!! When it took off, It got your attention and then some!! 😯😲

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