Done and Done…

In some ways the repaint was a success and in some it remains disappointing. I’m thrilled that it was such an easy fix but not enthused with the hard lines in the camouflage. I could try spraying the white again but I think I’ll let this sleeping dog lie this time. My hope is that I can hide it in the weathering. It looks like I can so my fingers are crossed. 

I spent about fifteen minutes today at the airbrush spraying the final color of Dark Green. I removed the mask and it will sit until tomorrow when I start the decals. Not a whole lot longer and this A-10 will be complete. 


18 thoughts on “Done and Done…

  1. There seems to be a problem with our websites and links. You’ve followed Storyteller at least three or four times. I’ve followed you for well over two years, yet I never see your posts until I go looking for them. Hmmmm….

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