The Pothole

I was on my way to being finished with painting the Snow Hog when my airbrush decided to putter out on me. I started off with the nose section and that went fine until I stopped to adjust my grip. From that point on, it was spits and sputters causing the mass of overspray you see in the photograph. My guess is it needs a deep cleaning from all the paintwork lately. I tried turning the air pressure down resulting in no paint flow at all so I had to bite the bullet and continue. I have already had to fix one mistake of my own so what’s another? The white will get masked off tomorrow and I will re-spray the camouflage. It’s not my happiest moment but at least it’s only paint and not another dropped kit. The airbrush will get a thorough break-down before the next color goes on so I have a few minor hurdles to get across before I can think about final assembly. No worries, though. I have my next six kits on deck that I can begin while everything gets sorted out. 


11 thoughts on “The Pothole

  1. Thank you for liking “Post A Quote Challenge: Day 2.” It is frustrating when your equipment starts malfunctioning on you, especially when you are close to the end of a project. At least it does not seem to be a major problem, and you will be able to fix it.

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