A-10A Thunderbolt II

The peanut scheme A-10 was finished up late last night with some caveman ingenuity in adding more ballast to the nose. I actually ended up drilling a hole under the cockpit to drop more weight in. Not the most attractive option on a finished kit but it worked out. Aside from my little weight blunder, all went great. Hobby Boss did a great job putting out a quality kit. 

I was apprehensive at first when approaching this scheme. For some reason it intimidated me. The warthog decals on the nose were a hinderance for me as well. Decals that need to conform over curves have never performed well for me. It turns out that I was half wrong about that. The teeth of the decals went on great, it was the nostrils that I knew would be a problem. I quickly ditched them to finish the rest of the airplane. Once all the decals had set up, I used Radome Tan and Flat Black to hand paint them. Aside from that, I am very pleased with the results. 


32 thoughts on “A-10A Thunderbolt II

  1. Nice job! For many years, we had A-10s at the Air Guard Base at BDL, about 2 miles from us. It was fun to watch them approach in tandem. A friend of mine built a kit and then finished it in the paint scheme and decals of the CT fighter wing. One of my favorite planes.

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