One Down, Three To Go

With one A-10 completed, I am still left with three more to finish up. My airbrush sessions are dwindling down with the 103rd and Peanut A-10’s all set. The Peanut A-10 will get it’s decals applied tonight or tomorrow. This should be the next to be featured here.

The 103rd is finished with paint but the lightning bolt will need a few touch-ups. I will work on that tonight and hopefully get the decals started tomorrow. There will be a lot of masking to do to achieve a straight edge so I won’t rush it.

The Snow Hog has been held up a bit by my own hand. This is a prime example to double check and follow your gut feeling. The Academy instructions are incorrect with their camouflage placement and I knew that but kept on going instead of stopping for two minutes to find a better reference. The instructions swap the Dark Green and Euro I Gray on the profiles causing a guessing game. I guessed wrong on the nose of the plane and flip-flopped the green and gray. It’s not a hard fix, just annoying. So I need to re-paint the nose section before I can proceed to spraying the white. Not all was lost yesterday though. The decals were created and printed out. It took me about five minutes to design them and now I am all set for prep work. I just have to get the airplane painted now. 


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