A-10C Thunderbolt II

So this is the latest and greatest A-10. The “C” is the updated version of the “A” that had been previously used. The main visible difference is right behind the canopy with the small fin and blister. Regardless, I am glad to add the new “C” to my shelf.

Hasegawa did a great job with this kit. It had great detail all around. My only setback was the installation of the chin panel which I have complained about many times so I will leave it alone now. The kit is finished and that’s what matters here. So doing the “C” version, I wanted to represent an A-10 flying the empty skies of Iraq/Afghanistan. It just so happens that the Blacksnakes of the 122nd Fighter Wing just returned from their participation in Operation Inherent Resolve a few months ago. Being an Indiana resident, it was a must to go with their markings. I used Caracal Models “A-10 Air National Guard” decal sheet. The decals were phenomenal with little release time. There are little bits of silvering here and there but nothing to get upset about. I gave it an up to date load-out of weapons to depict an A-10 prepared to give the folks of ISIL a front row fireworks display.

The end result is one that I am quite happy with. I did have an issue with not enough ballast in the nose during final assembly. The only place to add more weight was in the nose wheel bay so it is crammed full and lucky enough, it worked. The three remaining A-10 builds will no doubt have the same issue as I used the same weight on each. At least I know it’s a reasonable fix. I’m all done now and the Blacksnake sits right next to the Flying Tiger up on the shelf. 


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