Masking the 103rd

For the 103rd A-10, I continued with my motto of paint instead of decal. The wraparound lightning bolts on the fuselage were the precursor to the main paint job. While I am only halfway done, the hardest part is out of the way. 

To start this project, I stole a sheet of tracing paper from my kids. The back portion was really the most difficult to get the correct angles on so I opted to just trace that and the rest could follow the lines. A straight edge was used to trace the two lightning bolts. After they were traced, I used the straight edge again to cut them out with my hobby knife. Once they were cut out, I placed the sheet of tracing paper over a piece of painters tape and used a black Sharpie to trace the lines onto the tape. Finally, I cut out the final product and transferred them to their respective sides. It was pretty straight forward from there. I just followed the existing tape and masked the rest of the nose. There is still yellow to be painted for the outline and then I will need to mask that before I can move on to final paint. 


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