The Chosen Ones

As the A-10 builds clog up with nowhere left to go in a building sense, this provides a good opportunity to get my creative wheels turning and select my next builds. So while the primer dries from another bout with the filler, I will present the future four projects at my workbench. All four picks share one commonality in that I have been trying to get them inserted somewhere in my timeline of builds for quite a while. They have all been selected at inopportune times in the past and now they will all be built together.

So first up is Trumpeter’s 1/72 SU-27UB Flanker C. As with all of my past Trumpeter builds, this kit has some great detail to it. The paint scheme is still up in the air but the box art looks promising so I may go with that. Next is Hasegawa’s 1/72 F-4E Phantom II “Indiana ANG Special Part 2”. I am overdue for another F-4 build so this is one was a must. The third kit in the mix is DML’s 1/72 Mistel 5 kit. This one has always intrigued me and I am excited to get moving on it. Finally, the last pick is also from DML. I will be building their 1/72 Arado Ar 234C-3/C-4 Lightning kit. Another German build that has somehow slipped repeadtedly off my list for too long. Now that I have the builds picked, it’s time to start my research. 


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