Getting Sorted Out

With the prototype theme out of the way, my main focus is now shifted to the Warthog Project. The workbench hasn’t been too active the past few days. The chins of all four planes and ordinance are the only aspects being worked on. Aside from some last minute additions and a few still in process of locating, the ordinance that I do have are finished. Current A-10’s are flying sorties with one LAU-10 rocket pod on each wing and I thought I had an acceptable solution stealing a couple from an Apache kit but they just weren’t right. Upon further research led me to a weapons set from Hasegawa that had what I needed. Lucky for me, I have four of these sets. The other search is for GBU-12 bombs. They are also in a Hasegawa weapons set that I am not sure if I own. A search through my kits will hopefully turn one or two up. I still have plenty of time to get all that sorted out before final assembly. In the meantime, I will keep at all the sanding and filling on all four builds. 


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