Northrop YF-17A Cobra

There isn’t too much more to write that I haven’t already stated about this kit. We all have our “pig” kits and I am absolutely not immune to that fact. This kit is proof that expensive kits ($30.00 from ebay) aren’t the best kits. It may not be entirely Anigrand’s fault on this one given the fact that the Have Blue build was fantastic. I will chalk it up to a bad mold and move on with no ill feelings.

So here is the finished then re-finished YF-17. I am not too thrilled with the results that I provided but it is what it is. Assembly proved to be a challenge with spotty instructions. The rear landing gear struts had a goofy fit resulting in a slight list on the port side of the aircraft. The canopy surprisingly fit well with little to touch up. The pitot tube came up missing so I made one out of round styrene. I don’t recall ever seeing the original but I do lose parts often so I will assume blame on that one. It all worked out.

Well it’s not the prettiest of representations but I am happy to be finished. It’s interesting to see USAF markings on the future Navy F-18 Hornet. Even though it lost the competition to the YF-16, it still won with the Navy and I am glad that it did. 


22 thoughts on “Northrop YF-17A Cobra

    • Thank you! The kit had a lot of surface flaws and some holes. After a few hundred kits run through the mold, it will start to wear down causing imperfections. Or maybe some waste from the previous mold interfered with my kit. Thankfully, it’s really not too common.

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      • i have had a fascination for aircraft for more years than I can remember. i love the shapes and the physics of flight. These fighter jets are especially interesting for me – fast, sleek and gorgeous machines. My main fancy is commercial airliners though, especially the RJ’s. The aft-mounted engines are usually so much louder too. Maybe I better drive to the airport for some photos today!

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      • It’s something that stays with you. I’m the same way. It amazes me what they can do and how advanced they have come in the last hundred years.
        Airliners have a huge following. I see certain kits every now and then but haven’t purchased one yet. I’ve always been fond of Alaskan Airlines planes.

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