Crash and Burn

When it rains, it pours right? If it wasn’t bad enough to depart a wonderful week in Michigan to arrive home to rainy weather, I added the cherry on top by dropping the YF-17 build as I was applying a coat of clear on it. Yep. Time stood still for a few seconds as I watched it break free from its alligator clip and nose dive to the awaiting ground. So close, now a little farther away.

Once the disgust and disappointment subsided, I carefully assessed the damage. Most of the blunder is cosmetic except for the starboard horizontal stabilizer which snapped off. I am actually in good spirits about it. The crash happened and there is nowhere to go but forward.

Forward is the immediate direction I went as I sanded the debris out of the paint and re-attached the horizontal stabilizer. The whole paint process will begin yet again. I will shoot a coat of primer on tonight to make sure I removed all the impurities. Then the black will be re-sprayed and finally the silver. I can tell you this, it will be SECURE the whole way through. 


6 thoughts on “Crash and Burn

    • In the instant that it fell, I thought about junking it but what good would giving up do? It turned out to be better than I thought. I’ve learned to stay calm and not flip out when I mess up. It’s always hard when you put all that time in and think you’re almost done to being setback. You’re right, forward is the only way to go and I’m so happy that I can take that advice.

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