It’s Vacation Time Again

Here I am in Ludington, MI again with the YF-17 so close to being completed. I tried to wrap the build up before I left with lackluster results. With the dangers of bringing it along and having to transport a finished product on the way home, I wisely opted to leave it behind and bring the A-10’s along. 

Today was my first solid day of work on the four A-10 builds. The cockpits have been started as well as enough ordinance to supply some small countries. Seat belts have been put on and I will apply the instrument panel decals tonight. I am hoping to build the cockpits and get them installed tomorrow. The ordinance is pretty much complete. I will decal them tomorrow as well. Other than that, I brought the engine nacelles to sand and landing gear to detail. If I can get the small areas shored up, it will create more time to focus on the major construction when I get back. My goal is to have the fuselage halves together by the end of the week along with the landing gear and ordinance finished. Not a huge goal but it takes a backseat to the reason that I am here. Fishing has been good and I have had fun with my family so whatever gets done on the model front is perfect.  


8 thoughts on “It’s Vacation Time Again

  1. your work is just super impressive, honestly. it’s inspiring to me. is this just a hobby, or do you do this professionally??

    we were chatting a little about the YF23, remember? i got so curious, i ended up watching an hour’s worth of YouTube videos just so i could see the plane and watch it fly. it was just beautiful, like an elegant but fragile paper airplane. 🙂

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  2. Ahhhh Ludington, a great area to be on the lake. I forgot you visit my home state! I agree with the previous comment, your work on these builds is super impressive. đź‘Ťđź‘Ś

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