Rounding the Corner

To say that I have enjoyed building the YF-17 would be a stretch. In no way did I think that I would be able to stroll through this kit, I just didn’t think I would have many problems getting the stern of the aircraft to an acceptable level. Resin is great but I have quicly learned that it is also fragile. I found it diffucult to find a suitable balance of pressure to apply while sanding the problematic port side stabilizer causing it to snap off. Normally this would be a bad thing but I found it to be just what I needed to fix the problem at hand. With the stabilizer removed, it made sanding quite a bit easier. Once the sanding was completed, I cleaned up the stabilizer and re-attached it. Thanks to my blunder, the YF-17 is ready for final paint. I sprayed flat black for the nose cone, spine, and leading edges of the vertical stabilizers tonight and will get them masked in the morning. 

The F-117 has passed all inspections and will join the YF-17 at the airbrush tomorrow. The last bits of sanding and  construction were finished up this afternoon with a coat of primer to double check for any blemishes. It’s amazing what a few hours of work will conjure up. With all that complete, the heat is on to decide on a final paint color. The original plan was to give it the normal flat black skin, but a recent research excursion on the internet led me to an intriguing desert paint scheme. From the picture, it looks like an IDF scheme. The problem is that I cannot find any information on it. From what little I have learned, this was supposedly used on a prototype F-117 which would go well with the theme of the build. If I can actually discover some solid data on this particular aircraft, I will go with it. If I can’t, well then it’s the common flat black. My fingers are crossed. 


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