Focus on the Important Points

It might be a little early to predict my year end total but I was just counting my progress and I was very surprised at my count so far. Through five months and ten days, there have been twenty-six completed kits that have filtered through my work bench. With twenty days left in the month, I think I can add a few more to my half-year total. I have to admit that sixty for the year would be a lofty goal and it’s hard not to switch over to competition gear when I think about it. I am going to stay my course and not hurry and get caught up in numbers. Sixty will for sure be attempted this year, only this time I won’t stress over making it there or not. Building is the most important aspect here and I don’t want to dilute my kits for a number that really won’t matter on January 1st, 2016. So three cheers for a soft approach to sixty builds this year!

One of the reasons that I feel confident that I can add more to my total by the end of the month is the fact that the YF-16 is only a few hours from being complete. Painting concluded yesterday morning and I tested fate with applying the decals last night while I watched the Chicago Blackhawks win game four of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Nothing better than building models added with watching hockey. The decals were yellowed and I was afraid that I would have a terrible experience with them but they turned out pretty fantastic. The yellowing is still there a little but they applied great. I sprayed a coat of matte over the airplane this morning and I will give it a light weathering tonight or tomorrow. This will be another quick final assembly so the kit should be completed tomorrow sometime.

The Have Blue is nearing completion as well. I am taking my time with painting this kit because of the small stature of the aircraft. The tiny size with all the different angles of the panels lead me to choose to mask all the camouflage. That involves masking the whole kit three times. It’s tedious work but the payoff will be priceless. I am currently on paint color three of four so there is a little more work to get done. The tan will be applied today and I will apply the final mask tomorrow for the flat black to be airbrushed. Not too far away.


7 thoughts on “Focus on the Important Points

    • For now, I have one shelf to put them on. When that gets full, I put them in a storage container until I can get a big enough area to actually display them all. When that happens, I’ll have to probably take a few photos to get them all in.


  1. Quite a challenge to do that while watching the Blackhawks game! It was a corker! Love the F-16 coloring. I remember being stationed in Fort Worth, Texas the summer of 1985 and seeing the General Dynamics test bird flying with those colors! My Air National Guard unit (119 FIG, Happy Hooligans, Fargo, ND) transitioned from the F-4 to the F-16 in 1989. When I was the Chaplain for the Thunderbirds (1998-200) they were of course flying a slightly different color scheme 😉

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    • Ahhhh the Happy Hooligans! I was thinking of doing a Scorpion in your squadron but now I may have to do an F-4. It’s been a while since my last F-4 and I have been looking to get one in. The special edition markings are very cool. I like building unique planes like that.

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