Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23 Gray Ghost

Here we have the finished YF-23. It’s not much for a build parts wise but the little challenges kept me from steamrolling through it. Re-sculpting the tip of the nose took the most time to perfect. There was another spot of missing plastic along the fuselage from where it was attached to the sprue. That is my one dislike of DML. My past experiences are all the same with the thin plastic. It’s never been quite this bad but I did expect it a little.  After the filling was complete, there was really nothing more to the build except painting and weathering. Final assembly took about twenty minutes with basically just landing gear to install. The canopy was a bad fit that required some strategic cutting to get a better fit. With just little issues to deal with, the YF-23 was a fun build.            

10 thoughts on “Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23 Gray Ghost

  1. Man, that thing looks fabulous! I love, LOVE the YF-23, and was crushed when the chunky Raptor won the ATF competition. While the Raptor has matured into a better looking fighter than the YF-22, I still think it looks like a boat. The YF-23, though… that is pure sexy goodness! Great job on a really cool plane!


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