The Warthog Project

It would be safe to say that I am ultimately captivated by the A-10. I never tire of seeing them, or building them for that matter, and I would proudly park one in my front yard if given the chance. It’s obvious that with the A-10 having a firm grip on my top choice of airplanes that i would enjoy building them as well. Having this blog, i want to keep you guys entertained and not bore you with the same build over and over so I have limited my A-10 construction. After finishing my last two A-10’s recently, my craving got worse. My research led me to the Snow Hog paint scheme. Satisfaction didn’t come after deciding on this build. After more and more research and brainstorming, I came up with my so called “Warthog Project”.  

The winter scheme has always been a favorite of mine. I will have to paint the entire kit with the European camouflage scheme first, then spray the white over it. Academy’s 1/72 kit will be fulfilling the role for this build. To go along with different paint schemes, I figured the peanut scheme would be a perfect addition. Hobby Boss’s kit will be used for this one. 

The last two will both be from Hasegawa. One will be depicted in the 103rd Fighter Wings 80th Anniversary markings while the other will be built in Blacksnakes markings. All four builds are much anticipated and well thought out. I have started with all of the ordinance first while I am finishing up my current builds. I have them all sanded down and I need to prime them tonight. 

Now to my current builds. Progress has been bleh the past few days. I did, however, begin fresh today with the  YF-16, YF-23, and Have Blue all getting some paint applied. I will get the YF-16 finished with paint tomorrow and the Have Blue on Wednesday. The YF-23 will get its decals tomorrow and move on to weathering. As for the F-117 and YF-17, they are a ways off from being completed. Both kits require a lot of sanding to move on. I will dive into that project tonight and prime them to see where they stand. 





12 thoughts on “The Warthog Project

  1. If I recall correctly in reading about these aircraft, they are very well adapted to different types of service in the military, and they look cool too. Those two giant engines must give this aircraft far more than enough power.

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