P-38L Lightning

Building Revell’s P-38 proved to be a formidable challenge. It’s not that the kit itself was awful in any way. The challenge provided was enjoyed. This was my second P-38 build and I forgot many of the tricks that I learned from the first one. The opened up gun bay and engines added to the challenge to have to paint as well as fill and sand around them.

Final assembly went as smooth as it could. The fit of all the parts were great. Using the chrome paint wasn’t the best decision, though. The fingerprint was the first instance of regret. The second was fogging everywhere that was near the superglue. Luckily it wiped off with a cotton swab so I went over the whole airplane. I never have the best luck with chrome anyway.

Throughout the build, as with a lot of my other builds, I was nervous that there wouldn’t be enough ballast to keep it off it’s tail. I loaded as much as I could in any interior space that I could fit a weight in. My fears were confirmed when the landing gear was dry and I gave it a trial sit test. The next step was to add as much weight to the landing gear bays without them being noticed. That was done with no solution to the issue. With my head down, I was ready to make a support from clear dowel rod like I have had to do on other builds. Final assembly resumed with the propellers being the final pieces to install. As it were, those two propellers are all the P-38 needed to stay on all three wheels. Imagine that.

To sum it all up, Revell did a pretty good job on this kit. The nose fit was a problem in the beginning and aside from that, I really didn’t have any severe problems. The build took a little longer than I hoped, but that’s the case with all my builds. 


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