Moving Forward

Yesterday didn’t see any painting get done on the P-38 or MQ-1. I was a little lazy and chose instead to work on the new set of builds. The usual beginning process of painting cockpit parts, landing gear, bay doors, ordinance, and all other internal pieces began yesterday morning. The ejection seats were the life of the party last night with the pads and headrests getting painted to give me a good foundation to work on the cockpits today. 

With the ejection seats completed, I opted to not install them until the end of the builds. In the cases of the YF-16, YF-17, and Have Blue not having an open cockpit, I will install them before I attach the canopies. Without the need for detailing any cockpits, I attached the fuselages on all three builds. The YF-16 and Have Blue look pretty good so far. Minor touches will be needed of course but not bad at all. The YF–17 will need a little more help. It’s not a huge mess but there are some gaps and uneven seams to take care of. Being a resin kit, I am going to take my time to not destroy this expensive build.

The F-117 and YF-23 supplied decals for the instrument panels so I applied them and that’s as far as I can go for today on them. I will brush some Future over them tonight to seal them and proceed to finish them tomorrow morning. Both kits should go pretty fast once the cockpits are complete.

After all the activity was over, I headed out to the garage to get the P-38 and MQ-1 painted. Starting with the P-38, I shot it with a coat of chrome. I’m liking the shiny look so I may leave the weathering to a minimum. The Predator was a simple coat of light ghost gray. I will decal them both tomorrow and start weathering on Saturday.  Monday seems like a realistic finish date so I  will go for that as my goal. 





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