Seven Down, One to Go

With seven builds going through final assembly this week, there hasn’t been much time for the P-38. After I finished up the Harrier yesterday I spent some quality time getting the final sanding completed. I am almost clear for paint with a little more sanding needed on the underside of the wings. Olive Drab has been sprayed on the anti-glare panels and I will mask them off today. I may get out to the airbrush tomorrow to get it painted. That’s my hope anyway. If I can’t get to it tomorrow it will have to wait until Tuesday. We are headed to the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, MI for a little Memorial Day getaway so I don’t foresee me wanting to do anything when I get home. 

With all the free space at my workbench, I have started to trickle the new kits in. I spent last night getting the alligator clipped parts into their work boards. I also masked canopies which is unusual because I am usually scrambling to get them done as I am going out to my airbrush. It’s nice to be done with them ahead of time. 

I have also added a new kit to the mix. Since I am doing the Have Blue build, I thought it would be neat to throw in an F-117. Right out of the box you can see an immediate difference in size. There are many similarities and differences to them both. 


6 thoughts on “Seven Down, One to Go

  1. P-38 happens to be my favorite old plane handles so good in any simulator i have flown it in! Hands down one of the more stable designs of the era!

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      • I know truth be told i dont know why a flying wings won out in the end i’m guessing drag or something i dont feel like doing math on it but a modrenized version would be super cool!


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