AV-8B Harrier II Plus

Another quality kit from Hasegawa, the Harrier was a great project. Aside from the airplane itself, there were a lot of little projects within the build. There were a few issues at the beginning with some gaps in the fuselage which I think were a part of the air intake being too wide. After moving past that, the rest went superbly until I started working on the canopy. I ‘m not too sure what I did but after I finished painting the frame, I used future to shine it up. Maybe I used too much because it has a glazed look to it.

The two color paint job went on great. The decals were not like the D.520 or M.S.406 but they worked well. When it came time to weather the Harrier, I wanted to make it as filthy as I could. I think I accomplished that feat with a grimed up airplane. The overall build was painless and rewarding. It now sits on the shelf between the Skyray and the Su-22.



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