Boulton Paul Defiant NF.1

Airfix has never been a first choice for me and I have learned to appreciate them a little more lately. The Defiant was great to build but it severly lacked detail. The cockpit consists of a seat with nothing else which leaves no desire to have an open canopy. My usual complaint aside, the build itself went pretty good. I was happy to experience minimal filling on the Defiant. The fitting of the wings wasn’t what I wanted to see but given the soft plasic of Airfix kits, I knocked the problem areas down quickly. 

The decals gave me some minor trouble with this build. I believe it was the age and not the quality. Some of them tore easily while others disintegrated. I used what I could and grabbed the rest from my spares. Overall I don’t think it’s a bad representation. It’s certainly not a prize winner, I am happy with it. 





10 thoughts on “Boulton Paul Defiant NF.1

    • Thank you! The fact that it had no forward facing guns puzzled me. Honestly, I don’t see the need for the Defiant other than in a reconnaissance platform. I guess with the Spitfire and Typhoon coming shortly after there was no use in reviving it. At least it’s cool to look at.


  1. Great to see finished. I read somewhere that a group of Defiants formed a defensive circle when jumped by Messerschmitts – like in the old westerns but with fighter planes circling instead of horses! Incidentally, my great aunt used to work for Boulton-Paul’s aircraft works during the war (gliders, I believe). A photo of her and others at Boulton Paul was sent to the national Imperial War Museum a few weeks ago. A bit of trivia!

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  2. I only ever constructed 6 model aeroplanes, this kit was one of them. Mine came in black plastic, and was billed as a “Night Fighter”. Basically they were hopeless by day in the Battle of Britain, and not much better by night.

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