Dassault Alpha Jet E

Fujimi kept the status quo going with a great build. I would have been more appreciative if they gave the option for an opened up cockpit but I am happy with what was provided. I am also quite relieved to see that I added enough ballast in the nose. I can usually tell if I added enough by how heavy it feels when I hold the kit. This one felt a little light which had me worried through the entire build. It turned out to be a needless worry and the kit came out sitting on all three wheels.

There were no issues surrounding this build. Fujimi produced a very problem-free kit.  The decals worried me at first because they were yellowed. I searched online for Alpha Jet decals and couldn’t come up with an affordable option other than Red Arrows or Anniversary representations. Nothing against those schemes, I just wanted a regular old Alpha Jet. The decals turned out to work well. My expectations seem to be the downfall to my builds.




11 thoughts on “Dassault Alpha Jet E

  1. What a neat blog. I have 3 brothers so i am no stranger to models although I think they mostly did cars. I think it was just one of the many things they did as boys. You take it to a whole new level. Do you sell any of them after you complete them or do you just put them together for your own enjoyment or both?
    Even your photographs of them are neat.
    Oh, by the way thanks for the like on my image ” A Walk Down Our Country Road” on Our Retired Life.


    • You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by my site. When it comes to selling them, I have been commissioned once and made a good amount from it so it was worth the pain of letting go of my many hours with it. I have never been asked to sell any of my other builds, though. That would be a tough decision to make.

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  2. I love you’re little airplanes! I would hang them all around my house with fishing line from the ceiling! Was the first one you ever made really hard?


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