Painting Resumes

As the title suggests, I resumed my painting duties this morning. I did a sort of lightning round at the airbrush starting with the lightest color first and moving my way to the darkest. I didn’t fully clean my airbrush after each color with just a few eyedroppers of thinner getting run through the airbrush to wash out as much of the paint as I could. I am down to just two mixing jars for the moment so I used the same one for each application. I put a little thinner in to clean it out and moved on to the next color. 

The Typhoon was first up with an overall application of Sand. I will finish it off with its final color tomorrow and add it to the list for final assembly. The Harrier was next up with an overall skin of Ligh Ghost Gray. It will receive its final color tomorrow as well. Sticking with gray, I didn’t clean anything out and added Flat Gull Gray to the airbrush for the Skyray. This paint job is complete so I will add the decals tomorrow. Switching over to the Defiant, I used Dark Earth for the base color and I will finish up the camouflage tomorrow with RAF Dark Green. The last kit to be painted today was the Alpha Jet. I used RAF Dark Green to finish the paint scheme off. As with the Skyray, I will apply decals tomorrow. 

The M.S.406 and D.520 were not on the schedule to paint today because I forgot to install the canopies last night. Doing so this morning took them out of progression for the day. I shouldn’t have any problems getting going tomorrow on them.   

The P-38 made a leap in the right direction today. I filled it last night and sanded it up this morning. I sprayed some primer on to reveal better fortunes. I am not out of harms way yet but it is miles better than the mess that was featured yesterday. The tail sections will get attached tomorrow and if that goes well I will start my final checks and balances. I think I will have to fill some spots in the wings but I will cross that road when I get there. It was an overall great day for model building today.




4 thoughts on “Painting Resumes

  1. Seeing these makes me motivated to get back into doing some modeling. My wife probably wouldn’t be too happy with all the other hobbies I have going on haha, but it would be fin getting back into it.

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    • That’s great. I’m glad it sparked the motivation. It’s quite a delicate balance between responsibilities and life. I’ve been back for about four years now and I enjoy it even more than when I first came back.

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