A Change in Plans

The original plan for today was to get farther along in painting my builds. I prepped the Harrier, Typhoon, and Defiant last night so they were ready to go. Plans have a great way of changing and this time it was completely unrelated to building models. My wife came home from work today because she was ill and that may seem like a bad thing but it was nice to have her home with me. Instead of spending my time out in the garage airbrushing my kits, I stayed inside to be with my wife. 

While she rested, I spent some time working on the P-38. I put the nose cone on and as you can see in the picture, it isn’t pretty. Ugly would be a compliment for it at this point. I did some sanding on it and performed the ritual of filling the problem area. I am choosing to remain hopeful about it. This was the first detour in the journey so I’m not super worried. The tail sections were sanded and I did get the canopy masked and the interior color painted on. Once I get past the current blunder, it should go pretty quick. 

So after I came to a stop on the P-38, I decided to browse through my inventory and get started on the next few kits. After picking the first two, I realized I had a theme going so I went with it and picked two more for a total of four. 

The theme for the next set of builds will be “Prototypes”. First up is DML’s 1/72 YF-23. I have been kicking this kit around for quite some time now. When the U.S. Air Force commenced their ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter) competition, Northrop/McDonnel Douglas entered the YF-23. It eventually lost to the then YF-22 which turned into the F-22 Raptor. Before the eventual loss, two total prototypes were produced in the Black Widow II and the Grey Ghost with the difference being in the paint scheme. I will be building the Grey Ghost prototype. The kit itself looks pretty straight forward. Not too many parts but it does have some decent detail to it. 

The next kit I picked is Hasegawa’s 1/72 YF-16 CCV (Control-Configured Vehicle). It can be built as the actual prototype but I am bending the theme rules a little and building the CCV vesion. The General Dynamics YF-16 is a product of the U.S. Air Force’s LWF (Light Weight Fighter) competition. After winning the competion, a prototype was sent to serve at the USAF Flight Dynamics Laboratory which was then designated as the YF-16 CCV. I like both versions of the prototype but the CCV version adds a little more intrigue to it. The kit looks pretty basic. It has a closed canopy so I won’t get too detailed in the cockpit. The build should go smoothly. The paint scheme is my main concern with white being the base color with red and blue added in. i will need to be carefully exact with my masking.

The other contestant in the LTF program will be the third prototype. It may have lost the competition, but it came out a winner in the end. I will be building Anigrand’s 1/72 YF-17A Cobra. The YF-17A later was selected for VFAX (Naval Fighter Attack Experiment). It was conceived as a light weight fighter but was beefed up to become the F-18 Hornets we know today. This will be my second resin build. The first one went well so I have a little bit of confidence in myself. It actually looks pretty decent. i don’t forsee any problems. i just need to work slower and be more careful with it. 

The last pick is another bend in the theme rules. It’s not actually a prototype. I will be building Anigrand’s 1/72 Have Blue. The Have Blue was the stepping stone to the F-117 Nighthawk. Two aircraft were built as a proof of concept for the stealth program. Both aircraft eventually crashed but not without obtaining that desired proof. There is not a whole lot to this kit. It is another resin build that should be pretty simple. 


4 thoughts on “A Change in Plans

    • Yeah it’s pretty nasty. It was either have a huge gap on top or bottom. The bottom at least will be sort of hidden. I’m not sure where I went wrong. It seems like the nose cone was too small.


    • She better! It was nice to relax and bum around with her. It won’t be too much longer for the P-38. It will for sure be the last to get completed but I have been gaining some ground on it. I’d say around the middle of next week until it’s finished.

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