So Close 

Progress on all eight fronts has been moving at a rabbits pace in the past 48 hours and I am quite pleased to say that I have begun painting four out of the eight. The P-38 is the lone bird who cannot fly yet. I did manage to get the engines somewhat detailed as well as the gun bay this afternoon. I assembled the two tail sections and painted the interiors of the nose and engine panels. The weekend will be a wash due to Mother’s Day so I will resume work on Monday. Not that celebrating Mother’s Day is a bad thing. It’s actually a courtesy to my wife so she can enjoy her weekend without me being zoned out at the workbench. 

The Harrier is right on the edge of painting. I need to do a little final sanding and add some filler to a couple small spots before I get the green light. The Typhoon, Defiant, and Skyray are ready for their bellies to be painted. I need to mask off the nose on the Skyray first but that will only take a few minutes. As for the remaining Alpha Jet, M.S.406, and D.520 builds, they each had their bellies painted today. I will get them masked off on Monday and begin their upper colors. 

All of the builds are going well this time around. Granted, I am not too far into the P-38 but the hardet part, to me, is what I am currently working on and it doesn’t seem to be difficult so far. I will more than likely shift my main focus onto the other seven to clear my workbench up. I’ll still work on the P-38 while I am waiting for paint to dry, I just won’t work on it if the others have an opportunity to advance.







3 thoughts on “So Close 

  1. Try building some planes that can actually fly to add a new challenge to your work and to give you the opportunity to go outside and catch some fresh air. This is just a hint. I don’t want to sound like a concerned parent. When I was young, I spent hours building radios and transmitters from junked electronics equipment. When I look at your impressive production of so many planes, I was thinking that you too may have a need for the outdoors like I once had. If interested in model airplane design, you may want to google Walter Panknin. He is my late brother-in-law, who created his own model airplanes and flew them all over the States. Good luck with your work!

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