Making Good Time

My schedule is on track and better than I originally expected. I buckled down with the worst part of building models in the filling and sanding department. Well mostly just sanding this time around. I am cleared to proceed on all but the P-38 and Skyray. All of the fuselage seams have passed inspection and it’s time for the final stretch of building. It feels great to be over the hump on six out of my eight kits. I may actually be good on seven of them. I literally just primed the Skyray so I am unsure of its status.

The Typhoon and Defiant were the first to receive their wings. For being Airfix kits, they aren’t so bad. There are a few gaps at the wing roots to fill but I see no realistic issues. The rest of the ready builds will get their wings tomorrow. Depending on the severity of the wing roots, I will also affix the horizontal stabilizers. I don’t like to add them until I know the wing roots will not need extensive work done. I have broken a few off fixing this issue. The dry fits look pretty good so I should be okay.

So the P-38 will be my time muncher and I am okay with that. I didn’t get a chance to detail the engines today so I will make some time for them tomorrow. I did get a chance to get some sanding done today. Aside from the engines tomorrow, my goal is to get the nose section a little farther along as well as get the canopy masked off. Baby steps for now. Once the engines are finished, I can move a little quicker. I have decided to go with the box art for the panit and markings. I would have rather built Richard Bong’s “Marge” or Tommy Mcguire’s “Pudgy” but I am still happy with “Putt Putt Maru” flown by Charles MacDonald. All great planes and pilots. That just gives me an excuse for two more P-38’s.

4 thoughts on “Making Good Time

    • It’s a process that’s for sure. I’m glad to say that the P-38 is now finished and will be featured here later today. P-38’s are a different challenge than most planes of its era.


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