Su-22M4R Fitter

My 2015 project build is finally plenary. I can conclusively let my sigh of relief out now and I am putting the angst behind me. I will admit that it came out way better than I had expected it to. Throughout the whole kit, I expected a monster of a finish to the Su-22. I honestly didn’t expect a whole lot out of the final outcome. Given the reality of the story, I think I pulled this one off. It is certainly not my greatest achievment in the quality department, but the fact that I didn’t destroy it over and over again is the ultimate award.

So the build was terrible. I believe that has been established over the past two months. The moulds were the lead-off to my balloon deflating. They are actually great. I assumed from the moulds that this would be a nice kit to build. Every bit of assembly was a fight. The only easy part was the paint and decals. The decals were a good quality. It was a highlight to the build. 

Lessons have been learned from the Su-22. My patience was tested on numerous occasions. The main lesson is to stay clear of Mister Craft kits! Actually, I will get another kit to really see if they are all like that. I would hate to miss out on a good build because of a flop. All in all, I am super thrilled to be finished. I’m not sure how much more I would have put up with before I gave up on it.  





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