Subtle Progress

I have been tackling the paint job on the Su-22 the past few days and I am happy to report that I am close to completion. There are five total colors to the camouflage process and now one remains. Tomorrow will see the final color applied and it’s looking like my Friday finish might be delayed. It all depends on how quick I can get it weathered. Given the circumstances of this particular build, another day or two to take my time and avoid catastrophe is well worth it.

Now on to the rest of the gaggle. As you can see in the picture, I currently have a massive parts forest on my workbench. And that isn’t even including the Skyray. The Defiant and the Typhoon are the furthest along with their fuselage halves joined together. The cockpits consist of a seat so they were pretty simple to fly through. As for the rest of them, they are all in the beginning stages of assembly. I have already painted the tires on all of the builds. Twenty-three tires to be exact. Cockpits are my main concern now. Seat cushions, instrument panels, and flight sticks will be addressed tonight so I can have them ready for assembly tomorrow. After those are done, I will shift my focus on sanding the Typhoon and Defiant. I believe that I can get by without using filler for now. I don’t think I can say that about the wing roots but I will worry about that later.


13 thoughts on “Subtle Progress

  1. My nephew would love these. He likes anything old military and wants to continue to the army after he finishes rotc. Very cool.


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