Aichi E13A1 Jake

So the outpour of pleasant comments about the Nell made me feel confident that I did an ok job on the Jake too. However, I did make the same boo-boo with the cockpit on the Jake as I did with the Nell. If I have learned anything from you guys, it’s that I am a psycho about it and it’s ok. The Jake’s cockpit is a little better though.

All that aside, I like this one. I used the same salt technique for the Jake and I am just as happy with the effect. Hasegawa did well with this kit. The addition of the catapult was a great way to display this kit. It also provides a little more visual as well as administer some insight as to how these airplanes operated.

The build itself went along as I had hoped. No issues to report. From the clipping of the parts to the final pictures, the Jake was pretty painless. I should have put a little more effort into the cockpit. Lesson learned for the future! I haven’t had three strikes yet so I am still in it.






6 thoughts on “Aichi E13A1 Jake

    • You’re a better man than I. I haven’t touched a 1/144 scale kit since I was a kid! I’m not too sure if the way I do things with 1/72 would apply well. If you’re doing one color it should be straight forward painting. Camouflage schemes get trickier when they’re that small. If you’re good with your airbrush to get fine lines then you are set. For me, I would have to mask it all. Or try using sticky tack to mark your camouflage. A magnifying glass would help with the tiny parts too. Good luck. Feel free to ask if you need anything else.


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