Many Thanks 

Last month, my son had a school project called “From Here to There”. As a parent, you want to see your childeren succeed. So I came to you guys, my readers, to help out. And help out you did. The support for this project was enormous. He brought them home yesterday to my enjoyment. Twenty-nine postcards were received as of yesterday. From those twenty-nine, nine different countries were represented. We had fun looking through them all and seeing all of your generous work. So to sum it all up…..THANK YOU! I really do appreciate the effort that you put in to make my sons project so much fun.

I was asked the question “who was the farthest”? I thought it would be neat to actually look up who that might be so I did just that. I have listed states and countries with the distance traveled to Morgan Township Elementary School. Thank you again!

– Illinois 59 miles                     – England 3,876 miles

– West Virginia 547 miles       – Germany 4,348 miles (6,998 km)

– Rhode Island 912 miles       – Austria 4,644 miles (7,474 km)

– Louisiana 922 miles             – Chile 5,417 miles (8,718 km)

– Massachusetts 951 miles    – Japan 6,349 miles (10,218 km)

– Colorado 1,114 miles           – South Korea 6,649 miles (10,702 km)

– Florida 1,179 miles               – South Africa 8,553 miles (13,766 km)

– Maine 1,184 miles

– Oregon 2,011 miles

– Washington 2,122 miles

– Hawaii 4,219 miles




12 thoughts on “Many Thanks 

  1. That’s a nice collection of postcards. A project made possible, or at least easy and timely, by the Internet age. The postcards from Maine and Salzburg are especially lovely.

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  2. I love that this was a snail mail project (with a little help from the Interwebz). Of course, as someone who builds things IRL, you probably get how cool/fun it is to do things without just typing. (Not that typing isn’t fun, too!!!) Thx for sharing!


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