Keep On Truckin’

Today was another success at my workbench. The momentum continues to carry itself in a most welcomed capacity. My checklist for today has been met and exceeded. The true highlight for the day was the Su-22. I knew the day would come when the scale would finally tip towards the positive. I am most definitely not out of the fur-ball, but I am inching closer to clearer skies. 

So I decided to leave the spinal hump of the Su-22 alone. I started to mess with it and realized it wasn’t that bad. I think I can get by without it looking bad. The weathing should hide any blemishes that get left behind. Other pluses for the day include the horizontal stabilizers and the ordinance stores getting affixed. The stores are just embarrassing. Horrible fit. I went ahead and filled them but there will be more layers to follow. I will eventually have to start sculpting the filler to make it look right. For now I will focus on getting the gaps filled. I do not see any future Mister Craft kits at my workbench. This build has put up quite a fight.

Most of my efforts today were spent at the airbrush. The A-10, F-35, Jake, and Nell all recieved a coat of paint today. The A-10 will get its last color of dark green tomorrow and then I can transition into closing it out. The Jake and Nell both had their bellies painted. I will mask them off tomorrow and get them both prepped for their upper colors. The F-35 is all finished with paint thanks to two long masking sessions. I started last night on the airframe and finished up the landing gear and weapons bay doors this morning. Masking proved to be a challenge. I started to use Tamiya yellow tape but quickly found that I was unable to see where to make my cuts. I gave up on the Tamiya tape and thought that I might have to hand paint instead. That’s when I had one of those brilliant ideas. Scotch Tape! Yes, I used Scotch Tape on my F-35. When you think about it, it is obvious that it would work. Being transparent, it made for easy masking. The downside is that the paint doesn’t stick to the backing leaving a bunch of flecks of dried paint everywhere. I was a little scared that it wouldn’t stay put but it succeeded and left crisp lines. Decals will come next. I will try to get them applied tomorrow sometime. The hardest part is behind me now so it should be smooth sailing from here.








11 thoughts on “Keep On Truckin’

    • Thank you! I have built an Airfix, Academy, Revell, Hobby Boss, and Hasegawa A-10 and the best all around, to me, is from Academy. That is in 1/72 scale too. I don’t tend to build outside of my scale so I am not a reliable source for other scales. The Academy kit is affordable and an all around good kit. The one I am currently working on is from Academy and I have three more in my stash for the future. Hasegawa has the new A-10C that looks pretty decent but it’s at least double the price of an Academy kit. Hobby Boss has a good kit as well. They are on the high side of the price scale as well. There are also representations from Italeri, Tamiya, and Heller which I have not had the chance to look at.
      Hopefully that helped out a little. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck!


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