Back To Work

Now that the PBY and N/AW A-10 are finished, it’s time to buckle down and finish the remaining builds. I am close to finishing four of the five that are left. With a few power sessions, I can get them wrapped up soon. A mass weekend finish is what it’s looking like will happen.

The A-10A has its first layer of skin applied. I airbrushed the entire airplane in olive drab as its base color. I will use sticky tack to create the camouflage patterns. Time will be spent tomorrow to get the second color applied. 

The F-35 has its base color applied as well and awaits the exact task of masking. My goal for tonight is to get that project finished so I can add it to the airbrush schedule tomorrow. I’m not sure if I can get that accomplished, but I sure am going to try. My night will be spent with a sharp hobby knife and lots of tape.

The Jake and Nell are sitting as equals for now. I sprayed them both with silver before I applied the salt and now they are both awaiting their bellies to be painted before I can advance. The catapult for the Jake is just about finished. I need to thread the cable through and do some interior weathering before I can affix the top piece. Realistically, with the bellies painted tomorrow, I should have these two kits finished by the start of next week.

The Su-22 is so so. I have to admit that I haven’t worked on it in a few days. I will spend some time tonight adding more filler to the spinal hump and the leading edges of the wings. Thankfully the gaps do not look that problematic. I have all the little parts finished so that’s about the only bright spot to this one. I will keep at it until it’s finished. For now, I will focus on the ones that are ready for paint and work when I can on this one. 






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