N/AW A-10A Thunderbolt II

The N/AW A-10 was a fun parallel build with its single place sister A-10. I have always admired the two place version. Hobby Boss did this kit well. There were no real big issues to fend off which made for an easy build. My only complaint is the assembly when installing the cockpit to the fuselage. I had the same issue with my other A-10 so I won’t hold that against Hobby Boss. Aside from that, this was a breeze. The parts fit great and the decals were superb. I found it disappointing not to load this one up with ordinance. To stay realistic, I left it alone.

I am quite pleased with my results. This was my sixth A-10 build in the past four years. I think it adds to a good variety in the A-10’s history and in my personal collection. I plan on digging out my past A-10 builds to display them all together in one big A-10 family portrait.

19 thoughts on “N/AW A-10A Thunderbolt II

  1. Amazing!! The A-10 is another fave of mine! Its such a pity that they plan to remove it from the USAF. From what I hear, they think the F-35 can do everything. Its not going to be a good replacement at all for the A-10. Great build though!!!

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    • Thank you. I think it’s ignorant to think that the F-35 is fully capable to do what the A-10 does. Sure it has everything state of the art but technology can only take you so far. When it comes time to get down and dirty, my money is on the A-10.

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  2. Absolutely. Deploy those planes and they can clear up the enemy tanks in less than an hour. Try to tell me the F-35 is ever going to be able to do that, or carry that type of ordinance, or enough. I love the 30 mm cannon too, the ruggedness, and huge payload.


  3. Heh… As soon as the A-10 took to the skies, it became my favourite. An iconoclast. A maverick. Some have called it ugly, but it seems to me not only perfectly configured for its mission, but kinda bad-ass sexy too.

    Thanks for liking my post on Pix to Words and giving me cause to come over here and have a look. 😀

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    • I was a kid when Top Gun came out so my logical favorite was the F-14. As I started to get more into airplanes and learning about them, it was a clear choice to pick the A-10. It is ugly compared to a fighter, but even then it looks so tough. And it shows that it’s a tough plane too in the many roles that it provides. If there are troops on the ground, what plane do you think they want as CAS? Not a fighter plane. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I always enjoy a fellow A-10 lover.

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  4. My childhood went a bit further back, so an early love, as far as in-service planes goes, was the F-4 Phantom — provide enough thrust and you can make a brick fly. My first and one-true love is the F-86 Sabre, which my father flew over West Germany in the early ’60s, during all that Cold War tension. I was barely more than a toddler then, so I have no memory of those days. But, damn, if that ain’t the most beautiful war machine ever built.

    But the A-10 beats it, hands down, for bad-assery.

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