PBY-5 Catalina

The weekend went as I had hoped and I was able to get the PBY finished. This was quite a painless build that had a great flow to it. The only downfall was of my own creation. If you notice the lights on the leading edge of the wing missing, you are correct. There was also supposed to be a second set of antennas on the wing that went missing. My methods are far from flawless and these two instances reveal that. While they are not “essential” parts to the build, I am not too happy that I lost them. All in all, I had fun with this one.

Painting the PBY saw me break a vow that I made when I built the F-14 Vandy 1. Yes, I rattle canned this build. I took my time and made sure to apply light coats to avoid the paint running on me. I will still avoid this method in the future, but it worked out on this build. For the decals, I used a mix of the stock set with a set of Super Scale decals. Both sets applied well and reacted great to decal set.

Academy produced another winner here in the PBY-5. It is another great addition to my shelf.










25 thoughts on “PBY-5 Catalina

  1. First of all, thanks for your visits to my own blog over the last while. As for your work, it’s awesome. I used to be in the model car hobby as a teen, and do still miss it sometimes. I’ve always liked the looks of the Catalina. It’s also of special interest for me too. As a collector of vintage vacuum tube radios, I used to have quite an assortment of older military communications receivers. One of the first radios I saved from going into a dumpster was a Royal Canadian Air Force AT-7 transmitter on its shock mount and in its transit case. I donated it to the local military aviation museum and was told it was a radio used in this type of aircraft. Felt good knowing it was in a good home.


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