The PBY has been eating up the time that would have been applied to the other four builds that I am currently supposed to be working on. At least this isn’t my usual rant about not building at all. I’d rather work on one than none.

I have progressed quite far with the PBY since my last post. With the lack of effort on the other four, I have essentially caught up to them. The interior is finished and the fuselage halves were wedded this morning. The wings, horizontal stabilizers, and wingtip pontoons were joined together today as well. My next step is sanding and a tiny bit of filling.

So now begins the sandpaper party! There isn’t much to address on the A-10’s or the F-35. They will pull away from the pack once I start moving on them. The Su-22 needs some pretty extensive sanding on its belly. I can see the PBY making its completion before the Su-22. Either way, I’m in for lots and lots of sanding the next few days.

5 thoughts on “Sidetracked

    • It will be a close one. I have twelve finished so far for the year. If I can get the five that I am working on done by mid April and then a couple more by the end of the month I will be in good shape. I have high hopes for sure.

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