Let’s Add Another

All four of my current builds are going well with a great deal of work getting completed. The A-10’s are in the middle of the filling and sanding process. The chin issues have been addressed and are under control. I should be able to move forward with the wings very soon. The ordinance is another aspect that I have been working on and have finished this afternoon. The Sidewinders, Mavericks, cluster bombs, and ECM pod are decaled and striped. I may add a few more bombs but I haven’t come to a decision yet. 

The Su-22 remains interesting with its unclear instructions. The belly received its first layer of filler. It was actually not that bad. I’m not expecting to have a hard time here. The wings will be my next step before I can add the hump to the spine. I will likely work on that tonight or tomorrow. There are some fit issues with the hump so I expect some roadblocks to come on that front. 

The F-35 is moving along nicely. The cockpit is installed and the fuselage halves were glued together last night. Somewhere, the cockpit was situated a little too high resulting in a gap in the fuselage. Not a huge fix, just located in a bad spot. I filled it today and hopefully I won’t have to get too involved with it. 

So after all the progress that I have been making today, I left myself handcuffed with nothing to work on in each build. To remedy my “problem”, I decided to start a fifth build. Academy’s PBY-5 Catalina was slated to be a part of my next set. I have been so excited about it that I figured now was the opprotune time to start it. As you can see, I clipped the parts from the trees and I will spend some time painting the interior pieces. I will get some research done today as well. The interior is plain so I want to spruce it up a bit. With four other kits in the works, I don’t expect a lot as far as progress from this one. 






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