Into The Thick Of It

In their each respective capacities, I can now label myself as “into” my current builds. The past couple of days has been spent in various stages of each build. Unfortunately I have been hit head on with a few fit issues to address. Nothing too serious to panic about just yet.

The A-10’s are looking like A-10’s now. They were the first to reveal fit issues. Same problem for both which seems odd given the fact that they are from different manufacturers. The cockpits are attached to the nose wheel bay which then are attached to the interior of the underside of the nose. Both kits would not fit correctly. The Academy kit is worse than the HobbyBoss kit with about a 1/16″ gap to fill. After that problem is behind me I will focus on the fuselage seams on the Academy kit and getting the wings attached to the HobbyBoss kit.

The Su-22 is a strange one. It seems like the instructions were meant for a different kit. They are certainly for a Su-22, just not this one. To start, Mister Craft gives you a two place cockpit to build from. The instructions show a single seat cockpit. When you join the fuselage halves together, you see that something is awfully wrong. Major surgery to both the cockpit and fuselage were required to get even a decent fit. There are still gaps along the belly where the fuselage wouldn’t come together. Another “project” build for me! I will stay calm and take my time with this build.

The F-35 is lagging behind a bit but it is the better of the four so far. I have the weapons and landing gear bays installed. The cockpit is close to being finished with its array of parts. I will spend some time finishing that up this afternoon and get the fuselage halves together.

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